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Useful Tips and Tricks to Help You Grow

3 min read

Words Matter – A Lot

By Dan Kraus on June 27, 2017

We all sell every day. We sell ideas, we sell products, we sell our spouse or kids on why our idea is a good (or the right) idea. We sell ourselves on what we should do for ourselves – why to go to the workout class, why to eat this, and why not to do that.

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2 min read

Google’s Mobile Search Update – How to Be Prepared

By Darling Jimenez on April 8, 2015

Google is cooking up a new algorithm for its ranking system. This time, the main focus is improving customers’ experiences on mobile technology.

Google has always focused on offering users exactly what they're looking for, and to continue servicing their customers this way, Google will penalize you for not having a mobile-friendly website.

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